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Knowledgebase : Apple Aperture
Light, Ozone and Power Stroke can process in either 8 or 16 bit depending on how the Aperture>Preferences>Export>External Editor File Format preference is set. To process in 16 bit within Light, Ozone or Power Stroke, one of the 16 bit options ...
Light, Ozone and Power Stroke require Aperture 2.1 and above.
If the Digital Film Tools plug-in has an uninstaller, it will be located in /Applications/Digital Film Tools/"Product Name" folder, otherwise go to /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins and remove the Digital Film Tools plug-in.
The Digital Film Tools user interfaces required modifications to run properly in Mac OSX 10.6. Download and install the newest version of the Digital Film Tools software to solve the problem.
Aperture 2.1 Click on an image and select Images > Edit With > Digital Film Tools plug-in Aperture 3.0 Click on an image and select Photos > Edit With Plug-in > Digital Film Tools plug-in
Yes. The newest Digital Film Tools Aperture plug-ins work in both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Aperture 3.0. If you see a 32 bit notation next to the Digital Film Tools plug-in, you are running an older version. Go to the download page for the particul...