If I create a FCP project on a PPC Mac that includes DFT plug-ins and open the project on an Intel Mac, why does FCP ask,"Can't find plugin, would you like to load it from somewhere else?"
Posted by Peter Moyer on 04 January 2008 12:23 AM
Projects authored on PPC with our plugins, when opened from FCP on an Intel Mac, will cause FCP to not find the plugin, even when the plugin is properly installed. When opening an FCP project with one of our plugins authored on PPC Macs, opening the same project on an Intel Mac will cause FCP to ask "Can't find plugin, would you like to load it from somewhere else?". If you point FCP to the new plugin on Intel (after authoring on PPC) it will act as if you had not pointed it to the plugin and ask again. Your only choice is to say "no" (that is, don't search for the plugin somewhere on disk).

The workaround? Apply a fresh newly applied plugin. Copy the parameters from the plugin's settings as authored on PPC to the new instance of the plugin. Then you can safely delete the instance of the plugin that was applied on PPC.

This is a known bug within FCP and we have reported it to Apple.

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