I can't find the Digital Film Lab Presets in my Avid Editing System.
Posted by Peter Moyer on 04 January 2008 12:23 AM
To install the Digital Film Lab Effect Templates:
  1. Start your Avid Editing software and select File>Open Bin.
  2. The Effect Templates are organized into different Bins according to their function.
  3. Navigate to your AVX_Plug-ins folder. For Windows users, this is normally the C:\Program Files\Avid\AVX_Plug-ins folder. For Mac Users, this is usually the "Your Avid System"\SupportingFiles\AVX_Plug-ins folder.
  4. Inside the AVX_Plug-ins folder, go into the DFT Digital Film Lab 2/Effect Templates folder and double-click on one of the Bin files.
  5. The Effect Template that you selected is loaded as a Bin in your current project.
  6. In Effect mode, apply one of the Effect Templates to a clip in the Timeline. You can do this by double-clicking on one of the Effect Templates.

NOTE: Digital Film Lab is no longer available for sale it has been replaced by The Tiffen Digital Filter Suite DFX 1.0 additional information can be found here.
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