How can I transfer a license?
Posted by Marco Paolini on 11 August 2009 07:45 AM
The following procedure to transfer a license will only work if:
1) You originally activated using Internet Activate.
2) You are using a version of the Digital Film Tools software that supports deactivation.
Note: All current Digital Film Tools software supports deactivation.

Transfer a License:
  1. Apply the Digital Film Tools software.
  2. Open the License menu.
    • After Effects: Click on Options in the Effect Controls window.
    • Final Cut Pro: Click on License at the bottom of the Filters tab.
    • Photoshop and Aperture: Select License from the Help menu.
    • Avid Editing Systems: Click on the icon at the top left of the Effect Editor.
  3. Choose Internet Deactivate (Recommended) and click Next. The software is now deactivated.
  4. On the target computer, select Activate, enter your Product Code and then Internet Activate.
  5. The software will then activate on the new computer.
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